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good cheese? good cheese practice?

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What are your favorite cheeses?

Preferably be specific because there are 500 versions of everything. I am not even sure how technical the names are or if its just marketing.

I think that warm double cream brie is great during the start of cold seasons.

What temperature do you like eating cheese at? Most say that room temperature is optimal, but for some things, heat is good, so long you have structural integrity.

Heated bulgarian feta is also excellent, you can toast it in a toaster oven.

Do you ever bother to actually make a cheese platter and eat cheese by itself with different side dishes? Dipping sauces? how about weird cheese sticks, not just from mozzerella. Fried brie stick? home re-melted cheese thats modified with extra ingredients? glazes?

grapes, crackers, croutons. I think a fresh rye bread goes well with cheese cut into small tiles (like dominos) ,at room temperature, with a softer cheese. Toasting it does not necessarily improve things. crispy onions topped on a heated cheese block. Dried fruits?

All I see normally is deli meats.

Wrap nice slices in bacon, and fry them till the bacon is done, then eat.

Before I went vegan my favourite chesses were
- Any 3+ year aged 'extreme tasty' cheddar
- Castello Creamy Blue
- Pretty much any brand of official 'stilton'
- Kikorangi Blue

Cheddar I would put into/on things,  the other 3 I would just eat a piece by itself. Normally would be at fridge temp, but yeah, tastes better at room temp.

When my mom said "cheese" she only meant one thing: parmigiano reggiano.  Even then, it needs to be tasted before buying.  That was part of my training.  I don't know the exact version I get in Cleveland.  One store on the East side has it, and I drive almost 60 miles each way to get it.  Same store, same "old man" boss for the past 25 years I have lived in the area.

More recently, I learned of Mexico "parmesan" called cotija.  It is made in Wisconsin and is only $10/#.  It is similar, but not identical.  Close enough though for a lot of uses, like salads.

Other favorite cheeses are gorgonzola, blue, brie, colby, havarti, regular gouda, large curd cottage, even American depending what it's being used for.  There is hardly a cheese I don't like.  I'll mix crumbled cheap gorgonzola (or blue) with Philadelphia spreadable cream cheese, let it rest for 24 hours refrigerated (or up to a week or so ) as a cheap substitute for cambozola as a spread for crackers.  The cheapest real cambozola I have found in Cleveland is $25/#. 

a tooth pick with a olive on a cheese with a pickle slice is good


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