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Hi-tech ice cream


This is a placeholder for when I get some experience using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream.

If you have done this, I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Other topics: Turkish salep ice cream (dondurma) and possible substitutes for orchid tubers.

Well i have done it 2-3 times and i have to say it is veeeeery good not only in due to its "geek-ness" but also due to the fact that the rapid cooling causes ice crystals to be tiny and thus the ice cream to be very creamy as well as the fact that it is ready within minutes. I would suggest you to go slow with the nitrogen and stir constantly with an electric "stirrer". Wait for the nitrogen to evaporate before you put more. Be cautious that if you throw too much nitrogen, ice cream freezes too much and you can burn your stirrer (ask me how i know).

I can not give you advice on the recipe as i was not the one that made it any of the times.

Definitely worth doing it if you have the LN2 to spare.
Have fun and be careful !  :D

PS Provide feedback of your results

I noticed there's a cheaper variation of Pacojet now, Nemox Frix Air ... well, lower cost any way, not really cheap. Still too rich for my blood.

That's been on my list to try for some time now, I need to get a proper Dewar to transport LN2 though.

Dipping dots are the defacto high tech ice cream


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