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how do you peel your garlic?

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Monkey see monkey do, I always smashed it with the flat edge of a wide knife, because cooking shows, prior to pressing or grating.

However today I was in some deep thought and I realized it might be hurting my wrist a bit to slam on the knife with my palm. I thought was there not a better tool for this job. I should not have felt reluctant to process garlic but I did.

Then I realized a better tool exists, the kitchen mallet. The garlic is fine after being struck and it was considerably less effort then using  blade to smash it out of the hull.

I highly recommend the hammer for peeling garlic.

The serrations of the mallet leave some embossing (mine has a file on one side and a double cut file on the other side). Flat might work too if available.

Pick at the skins near the stalk till you can break off as many cloves as you need then squeeze each clove firmly lengthways between fingers and thumb, till you feel it give, to loosen the skin, then peel outwards from the base with your thumbnail.  Finally trim off the callus at the base with a knife.

ive never got on smashing garlic as bits either get stuck to the smashing device,or it takes loads of effort to break it apart,find it much easier to just chop it as ive already got the knife out to top and tail the cloves anyway,and dont waste the effort using a chopping board,the spatula your using to stir the stuff,resting  across the pan you want the garlic in  works just as well

If I want chopped (slightly chunkier) garlic, I press down with the side of a large knife then chop away, otherwise I just use a garlic crusher if the texture of the garlic isn't important.

that is what I am getting at, the press down with a knife is a inferior method to a mallet


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