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Ice cream maker using peltier devices?

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Regarding sugar, the original poster wants to make keto ice cream, which will have minimal sugar content. I wonder how it's going to work. Normally the sugar is essential in lowering the freezing point, allowing parts of the mixture to be supercooled. Presumably the idea is to use something else such as a polyol, like glycerine to replace sugar.

I agree with the above advice: don't bother with a Peltier cooler. A vapour compression phase-change cooler is much more efficient. A small old freezer is the perfect device to build an ice cream maker from.

We're using coconut milk and monkfruit for sweetening right now. I have given up on peltier and we're just usig our refrigerator and the heat storage type of freezer. We're also using molds for ice cream bars. Which are great. If you have kid definitely do this, I could see it saving a lot of money on popsicles.


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