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Ice, ice baby!

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This is something that only you geniuses here can solve.

I once had ice cube making bags where you pour in water which flows into separate compartments. You then freeze them. Now, the crucial bit, you sort of squeezed them a bit and internal perforations split and the internal walls collapsed leaving the frozen cubes in the outer skin. A very convenient way of making/storing.

I can only find ones where you have to break off each cube messily leaving bits of plastic everywhere.

Does anyone know what my ideal ones are called or even home to search for them? I've tried verbose searches and only come up with these:

https://www.lakeland.co.uk/10942/lakeland-ice-cube-bags-x-50 (view full product description)

typically discontinued!


There is a move away from this stuff because it's environmentally terrible. Buy an ice cube tray. Mine is about 10 years old and has made thousands of ice cubes.

There is this but that is just dependant on the type of bag I think.

A silicone ice cube tray is also quick and easy, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag.

An added advantage of ice cube trays is you can use em to freeze herbs ,chillys, garlic etc

With a good quality plastic tray you just give it a twist either way and the cubes come right out.

I find the silicone ones are better for freezing cubes of not pure water, various sticky stuff or whatever.


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