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Is it possible to make yogurt using pylopass probiotics?

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--- Quote from: Georgy.Moshkin on July 19, 2023, 12:06:08 am ---Edit: dosage is written on diy yoghurt kit plastic bags. No experiments with pylopass pills yet.

I had around ten small plastic bags that came with yoghurt maker. I haven't bought more pylopass pills for experimentation yet, all money spent on electronic prototyping. Stay tuned, I will post my results here. Most important thing Is learned from replies is dangers of using non-pasteutized milk. Pasteurization prolongs my process, because milk cools down pretty slow during hot weather, and adding any probiotics during first hour probably kill most of good bacteria too.

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unless you have your own cow where will you find non-pasteutized milk?

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I don't need it. You are probably right, I haven't seen cows at the village I lived in, there was sheep, chicken, dogs, sometimes horses. But I am a little confused here. Do you want to know if I used raw milk, or maybe you meant that mentioning pasteurization and cooling down is out of context, because it is difficult to find non-pasteutized milk (or cow)? I only worried about weakly pasteurized milk, which can easily go bad even in a fridge after opened. I've experienced milk with black mold or bitter taste few times, it gone bad just in 2-3 days in a fridge (10deg Celsius). Now imagine this pasteurized milk in a heated jar, and with room temperature around 29 Celsius for 8 hours + time before it consumed, even if placed in th e fridge afterwards.  UHT milk is probably safer to use in such conditions. Another aspect is repeatability, and I think that manual pasteurization at home may improve it.

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afaik selling non-pasteurized milk isn't allowed in most places, and things like cheese made from raw milk is specially items that have  exemptions from the rules for historic reasons

10'C is far too hot for a fridge, it should at most 5'C. Regular pasteurized milk easily last for 10 ten days in the fridge

UHT milk tastes horrible

we had scientific TV show aired, where they made yogurt out of ordinary store yogurt.
milk was pasteurized and added yogurt to ferment until turned milk into tasteless yogurt thing

I guess, it is not possible to repeat this process endless


--- Quote from: langwadt on July 19, 2023, 12:16:29 am ---unless you have your own cow where will you find non-pasteutized milk?

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Some countries allow direct sale at the farm even when they don't allow commercial distribution.

It was just intended as a warning for a corner case. E-coli food poisoning ain't what it used to be (the rise of shiga toxin occured during last century AFAIK).


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