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Is it possible to make yogurt using pylopass probiotics?

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There are various kind of probiotic supplement. I have used DIY yogurt bags with milk and now wondering if the same  approach may be used to create pylopass yogurt? Maybe someone tried already.

Never tried it, but I know it's out there. Just google for Reuteri Yoghurt.

PS. if you use raw milk, just heat it to near boiling ... unpasteurized milk yoghurt is just begging to have your organs destroyed by shiga toxin.

Thanks, I'll look into this. One source states 30 hours of fermentation. Probably need to keep bowl sterilized well too.

A quick scan indicates that Limosilactobacillus reuteri is found in hard cheeses such as cheddar and gruyére. Incidentally gruyére is traditionally not pasteurized.

Yogurt typically involves symbiotic colonies of lactic acid bacteria together with yeast. Yeast are better adapted to fermenting sugars into alcohols which are converted by bacteria into carboxylic acids—the same process that creates vinegar.

Once you heat your milk and container with lid to near boiling its essentially sterilized at that point. Let it cool to ~38C then add the bacteria, then find a way to have it sit for some hours at around 38C.

I use a pressure cooker pot, set heat on the stove to the lowest, and leave the lid on, as it seems to keep the heat in well, and reuteri is anaerobic so shouldn't need any air. A normal pot should work too. Proper yogurt maker or sous vide heater would let you regulate the temperature more precisely, haven't tried that yet.

Interesting as well says to only use for ~5 batches and then start over, in case other bacteria intrude.


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