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It is worth to create a cooking blog!



A little off-topic, but I needed the help of potential viewers.

I want to create my own blog about cooking where I will prepare the food and eat it with a friend/boyfriend and so on. So I will make videos, my question is I should post text after it or not.

If I should create text at which I am not the best how I should make it? Some advice, please!

Thank you in advance for your help, have a nice day!!!

My own feelings, and others may disagree...

If you're posting the recipes then text and perhaps pictures, in an easily clippable form (for cutting'n'pasting into recipe books). One picture of the finished thing would be good, any beyond that not really necessary (especially since there would be video).

Thanks for the good advice!

I will take into consideration.


--- Quote ---Hey, he just asked for help, don't be so rude.
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Who was being rude, and in what way?

No problem  ;)


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