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Ketogenic diet, it works..

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Like many others I had put on a few pounds during the lockdown and so had my wife (much less than me though) Anyway we both decided to go on a ketogenic iet and so far its worked out well and Ive lost more than 20 lbs in just around two weeks.

Some of what we have found ourselves eating has been strange. (imagine me using lettuce to make a bun substitute so that I can hold a cheeseburger. in my hands to chow down on it. Basically we are eating lots of protein including meat, but no carbs, at all. Meat and fats are okay, but no carbs.. No bread, no rice.. Lots of other stuff.

Its fun. If I keep on losing weight like this I should be able to fit into lots of old clothing I was saving in the hope that I could do something like this.

Anyway, just wanted to share this idea. It works and its pretty healthy, according to (my go to spot for such data)

Have any of you tried it? What foods have you liked? We are looking for new meal ideas..

It works until it doesn’t. Enjoy your kidney stones, fatty liver, cholesterol and constipation. It’s not healthy at all.

Regarding the immediate weight loss. That’s massively bad news. The first 10lb is basically retained water you’ve lost. The remainder is loss but you shouldn’t be losing that fast. You’ll end up looking like a raisin and with secondary problems in my first paragraph. Skin takes a lot of time to shrink. Slow changes are an order of magnitude better for you.

Just get a decent calorie counting app for your phone (nutracheck works for me), be honest and set 1lb a week as a target and increase your exercise. In my case walking did it. It’s not all about losing weight but about gaining fitness and learning how to eat properly. Keto doesn’t teach you how to eat properly so when you’re done you’ve learned nothing and are screwed. Then the weight goes back on again. And you end up bouncing around forever. That is literally all my peers who did it.

After looking at myself in the mirror and going “Jesus Christ you’re a template fat ham”, I’ve gone from 230lb to 147lb over the space of 2 years doing just calorie counting properly with no medical or health issues incurred. In my late 40s. I can run a 5k now. I regularly do 25k hikes. I don’t hurt after either of them  :-DD


--- Quote from: cdev on August 29, 2021, 01:01:49 am ---Ive lost more than 20 lbs in just around two weeks.

--- End quote ---

I think I found it.



--- Quote from: bd139 on August 29, 2021, 10:20:03 am ---It works until it doesn’t. Enjoy your kidney stones, fatty liver, cholesterol and constipation. It’s not healthy at all.

--- End quote ---

Here's a piece of trivia I found interesting:

--- Quote ---One campsite has been identified using the signatures left by men who took mercury-laced purgative pills to treat constipation and other ills.
--- End quote ---
Lewis and Clark were a pair of famous early American explorers of the West (Mississippi River to Pacific Ocean).  Their diet was mostly meat from hunting.  Modern laxatives don't contain mercury.

Yeah definitely a big problem that with a meat heavy diet. My father, a fat Swiss man, consumed mostly dead things and little fibre and had chronic constipation all the time and was on medication for it for the last decade of his life. Balance is really important to a healthy life which is where these fads fall over.

I think the best case for a keto diet is to attempt to reverse borderline type 2 diabetes more than anything when there’s an immediate trade off that needs to be made.


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