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KitchenAid Mixer PTO Dimensions

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Hello Mates,

GF is a patisseur and wants a dragee attachement, with a mill and lathe available thats an easy task.

Does anyone knows the dimensions for the PTO (power torque output) for the kitchenAid Mixer?

I've found this replacement shaft for the past attachment, if someone could share some dimensions of a in hand attachment would help me a lot.


The square drive is ~0.435". 

A=0.9" to center; deeper than at edges
B=0.91" diameter

It's not clear from this picture what is going on with that part, but on all the attachments I have the second section--where B and C are specified, does not turn and that section of the machine is not intended to be used as a bearing.  The shaft of the attachments is typically about the size of the square drive and the housing of the attachment locks into the machine and has an internal bronze or similar bearing at that point.  Is the pictured shaft assembled from concentric pieces?


I'm basing myself in this pasta shaft replacement part. I do not have the part in hand but the two pieces are concentric with some bearing inside, Ill be using DU Bushings.

I've not measured the PTO RPM, but as I've seen the videos I'd guess is something between 100 to 300 rpm varying among the mixer speed setting.


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