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Leftover Fry ups


Shopping tomorrow so time to use up some bits. That and I have a night off to myself :-+

Sort of Spanish derived because of the Chorizo and I would have added some Red Capsicum if I had some. Add an Egg or Two on the side as well if you need to stretch it out.

Chorizo x 2
Potato 3-4 depending on size
Bread preferably stale Sourdough or other heavy bread
Red Onion
Tomatoes (added a bit of Salsa as I was low on Tomatoes to help bring it together)

Spuds first in a bit of oil as they take the longest.
Add the Chorizo until cooked then remove or they will burn
Bread first and onions to soak up the Chorizo oil
Tomatoes and Peppers and or a splash of Salsa
Add the Chorizo back in and enjoy.


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