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Mace (ground) is not mentioned in very many recipes that I have.  However, an uncle who hung around Hollywood asked a chef at one of the glamorous hotels there what he used to make his hamburgers special.  Ans: ground mace.

I've used it ever since.  It does add a special taste.


Mace is quite common in traditional Asian foods.


--- Quote from: rooppoorali on September 24, 2022, 03:49:35 pm ---Mace is quite common in traditional Asian foods.

--- End quote ---

maybe it got popular there because of the Chinese immigrants that came around the time of the gold rush in CA.

I think it's fairly common in German sausage recipes. I use it for Fleischkäse.

I had to look up Fleischk√§se, but from the Wiki description, it appears to be very good.  I also add it to steak as well as hamburger.  The loaf meat looks similar to mortadella Italian meatloaf/sausage, which I usually eat cold and thinly sliced.


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