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MAPLE infused Bacon Jerky as Omlette Helper


Hi, I've shopped at local Drug store for basics and they carry a nice variety of jerky snack bags.  So, it turns out to be nice as featured inner add-ons, in basic Omelette.
Of course, price has skyrocketed, from $ 4 .99 in 2 for one deal,...; Up now to $5 .99 per package. (more than doubled, this 2023 year).

   Pretty simple to break 5 eggs into glass casserole dish and add extras like cheese pieces and broken up Maple Jerky.  You may notice that I prefer simple style, without breaking up or mixing the yolks, as everything cooks just fine.

    Please always remember to monitor OVEN, (One thing at a time), for best fire prevention safety !


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