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Title: Meat nigiris in Japan
Post by: Just_another_Dave on October 16, 2021, 09:48:37 pm
As EEVBlog is a worldwide community, I think that someone here might be able to solve a doubt about sushi toppings that I have

Some days ago I saw a new Japanese restaurant near my house and it shocked my that it offers nigiris with chicken, beef and foie as toppings. As the rest of Japanese restaurants that I know just have nigiris and rolls with seafood, it surprised me. Additionally, it didn’t have any American style sushi rolls, so it didn’t seem quite probable that it could be a recipe from the United States. Therefore, I searched for meat based sushi recipes in Japan and I found out that Sushiro has beef nigiris. Some YouTube videos also showed Spam nigiris

For that reason, I have thought that this board might be a good place to ask if someone knows if these types of rolls and nigiris are common in Japan (as it seems by the results found in google and YouTube) or just a western version