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There is no mustard thread. I feel like its a forgotten condiment. Unlike mayonaise, ketchup and BBQ sauces, it has no sugar and almost no calories, and does have some reported antioxidant and health values (not that lycopene is bad). I think it sates hunger also, so less leftovers.

I like grey poupon, brown and whole grain mustard personally. I think whole grain is excellent with swiss cheese on bread.

Does anyone have any unique insight or recipes for maybe making your own mustard and mustard improvements?

A popular one is honey mustard, which is 50% mustard and 50% honey.  I feel that it goes best with chicken and cheese (breaded or not).  I have also tried a chipotle mustard which is good, but its a bit too spicy IMO, its a bit punishing, more so then tobasco sauce, so I consume it rarely. Fortunately it lasts a while.

Standard mustard IMO goes best with
-sausage (i.e. polish sausage and to a lesser extent hot dogs). Whole grain does not work for the traditional dip, but you can put it on a hot dog.

Something that might be possible is to make a mustard with herbs. Not sure what would work, but a spicy pesto comes to mind if mustard is mixed with basil paste, but I have not tried it. Roasted garlic and mustard seems like another logical mixture. Pesto does work on sandwiches and paninis pretty good. Mayo mustard does work, I have created it in situ on dinner plates before, as does ketchup and mustard, which is excellent for hot dogs.

I suspect there might be odd functional combinations between mustard and other ingredients, since mustard has a strong taste. Citrus is a easy one, since citrus-mustard-oil dressings are delicious, but I never tried it in a more paste like texture suitable for a sandwich or dipping sausages. For some reason ground cloves came to mind but I don't know what would happen there (it is possible IMO on a burger maybe), its possible I put the clove roasted DAK ham on a sandwich with mustard before. (where you take a DAK ham, put cloves in it, and put brown sugar and maybe a bit of orange juice reduction on top, then bake/roast it). 

Another crazy one is to do mustard pesto, that is to grind nuts with mustard to make a pesto for pasta, with or without basil. The pasta one would need to be thinner then the sandwich one IMO. Have not tried, but they do have spicy tomato sauces for pasta (that are quite picant), so it might not be the craziest idea ever. Ground nuts and slightly smashed whole grain mustard on noodles, probobly eaten at room temperature.

Mustard mixes
How to make mustard (i.e. custom infusions by jarring it with additives or other ingredients).
mustard pairings

I suspect there are lots of different prepared mustards and no standards.  French's Yellow is at the bottom of my list.  My favorite is Stadium (Ottis Foods, Hudson, OH), which may be a local brand.  It is not as pungent as, say Gulden's Dijon (Conagra, Chicago, IL) and not as bland as French's.  I grew up on a fried egg (busted yolk, fried both sides), mustard and leaf of lettuce on toast sandwich  in my school  lunch box.  I think my mom used French's or some other very yellow brand, which may explain by aversion to French's.  I still like fried egg sandwiches, though.   

Try this. Fried egg sandwich (bust the yolk and swirl it a bit while frying until it's not runny), mustard, mayonnaise, and a slice of cheese. Let the cheese be warming up while cooking the egg so that it will melt when added. Use whatever your favorites are for the mustard, mayonnaise, and cheese. I'm no gourmet and use Kroger brand yellow mustard, olive oil mayo, and 4 cheese blend processed slices.

"No sugar"

Depends which kind!

I love me some mustard and rotate between stone-ground, honey, Dijon, yellow, etc.

Also horseradish, sometimes alone (usually the "cream" variety), sometimes in the mustard.

Besides on sandwiches or sausages, a squirt is also welcome in stir-fry and such.


The main advantage of French's classic Yellow mustard is how well it keeps.  A bottle in the fridge will taste and appear pretty much the same on day one as it does on day 999 after opening.  Unfortunately it separates in storage so if you don't want a nasty squirt of mustard water, shake well before use.

 I'm not in any way claiming its *GOOD* mustard, just convenient!


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