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Need help with sorting frozen meat in the freezer

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I never thought I could contribute very much to the cooking sub-forum since, frankly, I'm mostly not allowed in the kitchen save for the odd thing that needs fixing.

This morning I was presented with a problem. Trying to find a target meal kept in one of a few freezers that are all full to the gills. We have upright freezers in different fridge/freezer/freezer-only combinations.

The meat we buy is the tray-wrapped type with the label right in the middle, so stacking in any orientation seems impossible.

The other issue is the rounded shape of the packages become random missiles when disturbed as apparently they aim right for the toes and ankles.

It also brings back horrible memories of my grandmother and her 'tuckerbox' style freezer (top lidded). We were often worried that someday we'd find her up side down, stuck in the freezer.

Any ideas? (about the finding the meat, not helping the granny. She's long gone!)

Muttley Snickers:
You could stick a reference chart to the outside of each freezer, that way you can see what’s inside before even opening it. Better still, something like a whiteboard so you can quickly and easily amend the contents list on the go.  8)

Thanks, but a more tactile suggestion of stacking might be what is needed.

Proposing the chart idea could cause me to have sudden impact with something blunt.  :)


Can they stand up, like books on a shelf?

Coloured bags by type of meat, put tray in bag, stack.  You can easily then see if you want hogget  to reach for the orange bags or whatever.

Or just eat less meat, don't know about Australia, but here in NZ your freezers full of meat would be worth a bloody fortune.


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