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New air fryer.. Good purchase!

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We recently picked up an air fryer and mmm..  it sure is useful.. It makes really decicious meals, for example, fried chicken is really juicy made with it. And its fast, too.

It was a very good deal at around $50

I keep hearing about them, but could you explain to me how it differs to a regular oven? Apart from the physical size and ability to make small quantities without pre-heating a whole oven. Most wall ovens here are electric fan forced.

Stray Electron:
  My wife has an air fryer and LOVES it!  For one thing it heats up in a few seconds instead of taking 15 minutes to preheat like a conventional oven.  It does a great job on reheating left over french fries. Something that I've never been able to satisfactorily do in a conventional oven.

In reality they are just a very small fan forced oven that heats up very quickly.
My wife and I love ours. “FryAir” brand.
Our one came with two accessories that set it apart from a regular oven:
A rotisserie attachment for doing such things as whole chickens. Our regular oven does not have such a feature. Small chickens I might add.
A ‘tumbling’ cylindrical wire basket for doing such things as Oven Fries. This means the fries never stick together or stick to the tray in the oven. Evenly crispy all over.
It also came with a ‘skewer’ holder and s/steel skewers, about 8 IIRC. We have never used that one as we usually do chicken skewers with peanut sauce on the BBQ.
If my wife is out of town and I feel like a steak with roast vegetables I use the air fryer for the roasties. Don’t have to wait for the regular oven to heat up and the bowl/dish in the air fryer is easier to clean afterwards than a regular oven tray.

I bought an air fryer some months ago and love it.
it was in a replacement for a conventionnal fryer.
the air fryer is easy to clean, makes french fries really really less oily
did not try many other recipes but if only for the french fries it's already adopted.
ps: the former fryer was almost also only for french fries...


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