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I got a new kitchen scale and was going to calibrate and check accuracy against what I thought was a 3 gram weight.
It has a 3 on the bottom and looks like something definitely made for scales, but it is not 3 grams, or 3 of anything,.
It is 2.45 grams. Does anyone have any ideas what this thing is?

No idea what that thing is. I am used to weight standards looking something like these:

BTW in the US, coins are actually not too bad as weight standards.

I found this out discriminating a certain date cent that could be either copper or copper long as they are not damaged, they are surprisingly within least to the degree that is usually acceptable in kitchen use - so long as you are not using LSD-25, or a similarly potent ingredients :)

Not sure about Brazil, but I bet it is a similar situation.

Does not look anything like weight standard, not to say material is wrong. Weight standard must not oxidize.

I didn't even think of that. What a good idea. I have a few dollars worth of USA coins I can use.

Thanks for the links too, I will use the USA coins, because Brazilian change is very low quality and......

....Brazilian coins also oxidize. It is mostly made of iron. Thanks for the tip about that, makes total sense.
I found that thing some random place in my in-laws tool-shop, not with anything that hints what it is for. 
My wife's dad passed away a few years ago, so it will remain a mystery I guess.

Thanks guys!

PS, I never weighed LSD before, but mushrooms and marijuana of course.
Now, I have about 50 grams of saffron I bought in Turkey.
Going to bag it in small bags to sell some, and a little for friends and family.


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