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Peas and Pasta (simple recipe)

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The idea of adding cheese is kind of interesting and I was discussing it with someone today. For me, no cheese. This was a traditional dish growing up and cheese was never used.

If you search for Pasta e Piselli (Pasta with Peas), you will find plenty of recipes and many/most have cheese. If I am to believe what I read, it is a traditional dish from Naples so that may have been the dominant style, but not in our house :)

Anyways, while I do appreciate tradition and the history of dishes, I figure, do what you want (within reason) if it tastes good.

When I was young we used to hoave pasta with peas, bacon and a cheese sauce.

When I was young, I just had plain spaghetti with canned baked beans and cheese. Surprisingly good.

In undergraduate school, we were masters at the incredibly cheap meal. My favorite was the Tuna-Noodle Casserole; 1 can tuna, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, one box of elbow macaroni, a couple pieces of stale bread crumples (for the topping). At the time, fed 4 for about $1.50.....and yes, it tasted like it sounds, but it was better than not eating.

Heh, yep!  Casserole is a midwest classic, or especially hotdish if you're from Minnesota specifically.

Growing up, I think dad used a kitchen-sink approach, whatever was about to expire in the fridge... assorted veg, ground meat or something, in a starchy (rice or macaroni) base, with some kind of starchy/soupy base for sauce and flavor (not really as sauce, it mostly absorbs into the starch), and plenty of cheese on top.  Related, I'm not sure what all he called "Hungarian goulash", if that was for marketing purposes so to speak, or if it was actually representative of a dish, but I'm pretty sure it tended to follow the same pattern... :)

More on topic, I picked up a bag of frozen peas, I'll give the OP a run, and also with bechamel (hmm, I have cheddar on hand this week), and also with broccoli as I got that too. :)



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