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Salt and Pepper Calamari (Squid Tubes)
« on: April 02, 2021, 10:28:16 am »
I have been avoiding this section of the forum but cooking and food is a long term love and passion ;D

Nice simple one for Good Friday if that floats your boat or another time the opportunity arises.

Ratio I use but vary to taste.

10g of Pepper (preferably Szechuan but black is fine)
20g of Salt
120g of flour mix. I use about even 1/3 Rice, Plain and Panko crumbs but just Rice is ok for a no gluten variation.

**** FRESH Calamari or squid tubes. Frozen is old boots and poor flavour by comparison. Lucky for me it gets caught 10-20km from here. Buy it cleaned as the pain of DIY here isn't worth it. Slice into 5-6mm rings with a very well sharpened knife and drop into some milk for 10-24 hours. Small fillets of a firm fish can be used in much the same way too.

Heat your fresh clean oil to 190C and if you are doing chips they go in first as the Calamari takes just on 2 minutes to properly cook any longer and you are heading for boot leather. It won't colour much with the Rice flour so this is not a good guide.

Depending on locality this is actually a cheap feed. Large serve is way cheaper than Beef or Lamb and a bit better than Chicken.

Drain well serve with Lemon and optional Tartare Sauce and even a bit more salt to harden the arteries some more. Cold Beer for additional goodness  :-+
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