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I'll have to dig up the recipe but 00 flour is the way to go.
We bought a pizza oven over a year, maybe longer and its from a company called ooni it gets VERY hot, pizza cooks so fast you have to watch it.
Pic attached, hopefully...


--- Quote from: amwales on November 20, 2021, 11:17:00 am ---I'll have to dig up the recipe but 00 flour is the way to go.
We bought a pizza oven over a year, maybe longer and its from a company called ooni it gets VERY hot, pizza cooks so fast you have to watch it.
Pic attached, hopefully...

--- End quote ---

Amazing results. That burnish around the edges is something you really can't get in a normal oven. The heat is too evenly distributed and all the toppings end up looking the same.

There's a difference between getting the leopard skin effect on pizza vs just burnt areas. Mostly related to the size of the area you can get the effect on.  You can get small areas in a normal oven at max temp, but you need a higher temp to get it all over the pizza. There needs to be a larger vertical temp gradient than a normal oven can do (without hacks)

TIP: If you want to make yourself feel sad, google image search "Burnt Pizza"

Oh cool a pizza thread, time for me to chip in.
Out of boredom in the uni dorm i've spent a bunch of time experimenting with pizzamaking in the oven. It is just a regular electric oven.
My main goal was to get the underside of the pad to cook properly like on a pizza stone.
I don't go by measurements but rather by feel, which is highly subjective but i try to take the subjectiveness out of it.
How i make a pizza:
1) Get the kind of flour that runs like sand in an hourglass.
2) Put about a cup of flour in a bowl
3) Pour some water in a cup. It should be slightly too much for your dough.
4) Add some sugar and yeast to the water. Not sure if the sugar does anything tbh.
5) Add some salt and a little bit of cooking oil to the flour.
6) Add the yeast water to the flour and start mixing.
7) Your dough should now be too wet, so you keep kneading and adding flour a little bit at a time.
At first your dough will stick to your hands but there will come a point when the dough will pick itself off your hands. It will still be tacky but not sticky.
8 ) Cover up the dough and leave it be for 2 hours. 1 hour is too little and 1,5 feels marginal.
9) Before you start working the dough into shape turn on the bottom heater on your oven and set on max heat.
10) Throw some of the same flour on a clean table and start working your dough into shape.
Streching by hand is fine but i couldn't get consistent thickness so i roll it out with a glass wine bottle.
11) Put the pad on a tray and put your toppings on the pad.
12) Load it into the oven on the bottom level (i don't know what it's called), close to the bottom heater.
13) Keep checking the bottom of the pad occasionally and just before it's done pull the tray out and place it higher up in the oven, one step below the top heater.
14) Turn on the top grill and keep your eyes on the pizza because the moment you look away it will catch fire.

Step 12 gets the bottom browned, step 14 gets the top roasted. What you get is a sort of emulation of a pizza oven.
When it looks good you pull it out and that's it. I've never had problems with my pizzas sticking to the tray, most of the time they just slide right off.
My friends have said that my pizzas are better than what you can get here in pizza places but i disagree.
Every time i make a pizza i notice little imperfections and things to improve in the next iretarion.

Ps: In a uni dorm this certainly beats instant noodles. It's quite funny sometimes when you rock up to the kitchen with a bigass pizza while other pople are making instant noodles or whatever equivalent they come up with.
PPs: but nothing beats that time i walked into the kitchen to find two guys from the robotics course making cotton candy on a homemade cotton candy machine.


Doing some work on my Car at a mates place for tool reasons and took along some Pizza dough ingredients to point at his Pizza Oven he made a while ago. The Heathen with his fancy oven has been using commercial Pizza bases in it  :palm:

Quick how to make dough lesson got his hands in the bowl before getting in the grease and oil from my car and prepped for post mechanical work.

Raided his garden for some Capsicum, Onions and Tomatoes added a little Bacon and Pepporoni and of my home made Tomato base. Not bad for a first go with real dough.

Ulterior motive if I am going to get an invite again NFW in Hell do I want plastic bases on my wood fired Pizza :-DD Left him a spare mixing bowl, yeast and a recipe.

** Quantity of dough below is for two good sized bases.


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