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--- Quote from: Marco on November 18, 2021, 03:13:05 pm ---Curious no one has cobbled together an electrically heated steel/stone, a convection oven can probably match the top heat input of a stone oven at significantly lower temperatures, just need to match the bottom then.

That said, I prefer Detroit pizza which needs nothing much special base or oven wise ... shame about the calories.

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You mean something like this?

It's like 100 EUR, heats up in 8 minutes, makes a pizza every 10-15 minutes.
The one on the picture is slightly large, mine works great at 30-32cm ones.


--- Quote from: beanflying on March 26, 2022, 11:19:14 am ---BURP  ;D

Doing some work on my Car at a mates place for tool reasons and took along some Pizza dough ingredients to point at his Pizza Oven he made a while ago. The Heathen with his fancy oven has been using commercial Pizza bases in it  :palm:

Quick how to make dough lesson got his hands in the bowl before getting in the grease and oil from my car and prepped for post mechanical work.

Raided his garden for some Capsicum, Onions and Tomatoes added a little Bacon and Pepporoni and of my home made Tomato base. Not bad for a first go with real dough.

Ulterior motive if I am going to get an invite again NFW in Hell do I want plastic bases on my wood fired Pizza :-DD Left him a spare mixing bowl, yeast and a recipe.

** Quantity of dough below is for two good sized bases.

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Aw man i should build a pizza oven for myself too.
Here's some pics of what i make in the public kitchen in my uni dorm.

I love pizza, trying this tonight!!

For thin crust I have a thickish (4-5mm) cast iron flat griddle that I put on top rack, crank the oven to max to preheat, then flip to broil (top broil oven) and put the pizza in. Works best if your oven isn't a POS like mine that shuts down if you fire the broiler with the door shut for very long, and a steel plate more like 1/4" or 6mm would probably help too.

 If you're running a gas oven this hard open a window or have an exhaust fan going, or you may end up with a CO problem.

I've been using a pizza steel instead of a stone.  the main thing it seems to do is make the bottom of the pizza crisper faster.


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