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i highly recommend trying a rather wet pizza base in a cast iron pan with lots of oil then frying the pan after baking for a little bit to toast up the bottom. amazing  :clap:

worry about the top looking perfect, then take it out to finish on the stovetop

I just did it with regular jar sauce and it works also a cheese mix that had smoked gouda and provolone with fresh mozzerella and grated reggiano worked fine. I added a big pinch of baking soda to do the dough for no reason at all with no ill effects but the pizza is ill ;D

also after you let it rise in the pan it might crowd the edges a little bit, don't use your fingers  to pull the dough back because the dough likes to fall, get a thin narrow piece of metal like a butter knife that is well grease and scrape it down the edges , that way you can get your cheese in there with minimal dough distrubance. I also recommend shaking the breaker of sauce over the pizza while its tilted to splatter it evenly around the pizza so there is minimum spreading required. But if you put a large amount of cheese it will fill in the valley formed around the perimiter of the pizza if you do it wrong. Probobly too for this recpie after you grate your cheese I recommend laying it out on a cutting board to shorten it to get more of a cheese gravel so it fills the perimiter better.

Since it has a long rise time for toppings like mushroom and bacon you can bake them on a sheet while the pizza is rising to partially pre-cook them and then let it cool down before handling + soak your pan

Start your monitoring at 21 minutes and pull it as soon as the top looks good. Setting 60% on a induction hobb gave me a golden crust without burning after 4 minutes. I also used the butter knife to pop the edge of the pizza out of the pan before frying on the stove top. I used a brand name large cast iron pan (16 inch?) for the bake mold.

Mine was in there for 28 minutes and it was a bit too long but this will depend on your cheese mix, I was paranoid about the fresh mozzerella component of the mixture (its moisture factoring in the moisture of the liquid sauce I used), its probobly not the best for this pizza. But even so, its extremely delicious with 1/4 of the pizza being really really filling.  8)

I have improved my pizza dough from previous post in this thread.
It's now closer to what you'd get when buying a pizza from a pizza restaurants.

Here's the new recipe.

325g   Italian pizza flour (00)
50 g  Potato flakes
50 g  Semolina flour
255g Water
8g sugar
8g salt
13g olive oil
3/4 tsp instant yeast

Changes from previous are..
Added Potato flakes (Makes it softer, more like a fastfood pizza and less like bread)
Added Semolina flour (Helps gluten development and more crispy outer crust
55% to 60% hydration.   (Needed to account for the changes above)

For similar reasons to this I have tended to not use the Italian 00 flours as it is to hard. Local Aussie Plain White Flour gives a good texture and crunch with less fuss.

Bread flours are also a nono for the same reasons.

** should mention I am not a fan of thin crust Pizza where a more chewy dough the 00 gives might be desirable for some.

I had to much reduce the hydration to get 00 flour to come out right.
But once i did that i loved it


I tried the pizza base recipe from this video on the weekend. Was probably one of the best pizza's I've made. The extra olive oil produced an amazing result. Only needs about 1 hour of proofing/rising time before it's ready to bake.

Highly recommended!

450g Type 00 Flour
5g Dry instant yeast
4.5g salt
300g/ml warm water


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