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If making pizza at home, my best advice for excellent professional results at home are
- Get proper 00 grade flour (My ratio is: 425g OO flour, 234g water, 8g sugar, 8g salt, 13g olive oil, 3/4tsp yeast)
- Mix it by weight and use the right hydration level for 00 flour.  55% works well for me  (this is what I used above, but test 60% and 65% as different flour behaves differently)
- Use semolina flour when shaping the pizza to stop it sticking to your hands/rolling pin etc.. (a coating of semolina on the outside will make the crust really nice)
- Use a pizza stone or steel for cooking
- Put the stone/steel in the oven and set the temp as high as it will go for 1 hour before inserting the pizza (to get the stone really hot for crispy bottom of pizza).
- When ready, put the pizza in and immediately turn the temp down to 260C (500F)
- Cook for 11-14min

Some other pro tips:
Commercial kitchen food supply stores often sell nice ready-to-use pizza sauce, but it will be in a commercial size package (pretty large).
They will also have 20kg bags of 00 flour which will be much cheaper than supermarket 00 flour
My time/temps are for a generic home oven, if you have a more professional oven you will get better results at a higher temp for less time.

I would love to build my own outdoor wood fired oven. I find the temperature on most home ovens don't go hot enough. I think mine maxes out at 260 degrees.

You may want this project instead, keeping with the theme of the forum:


Looks delicious!! Yum!!  :-+

FYI: I find using a cup of *packed* bread flour, to a cup of water, is about the right ratio.  Fast, and doesn't need a scale.  Note: I keep my flour in the freezer to reduce rancidity; whatever effect this has on humidity (low, presumably?), take that into effect.  YMMV, adjust hydration as needed (add water and knead it in, eh, good luck; easier to go too much and knead in flour until it's right).

Hmm, I should get some pizza toppings...



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