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Provisions for Polynesian Voyages


This was written by a distant cousin (according to my grandmother) He also wrote a beautiful coffee table book which someday I hope to own a copy of. "The Hawaiian Canoe". He was actually part Hungarian as am I. His last name was shortened or Angelicized when he came to America. As so many names were. We are all immigrants, almost.

The reason I like this is they were really the most incredible voyagers, setting out to colonize new islands, sort of like I'd imagine a space voyage to be. They approached it that way... The Pacific Ocean was so very big and their outrigger canoes were so very small. They had a technique for celestial navigation which worked very well, pre GPS. Its reputed that Women made the best navigators. Polynesian societies pass this absolutely essential skill on, in some cases, mother to daughter.

I am also interested in the Arab dhow, which uses a triangular "lateen" sail and is very pretty and I bet, also fun to sail.

look up dhoni : maldivian traditional sail ship.


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