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Q: Why are electronics engineers bad at cooking?

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A: They use too much SPICE.

Not true. I am an electronics engineer and I am good at cooking too. Please don't give up trying. All the best.

I think he was making a joke.

I dunno man, I can burn water in the same way I can fry a transistor.

I hope no one's joking in this thread, because ..

I'd never, ever make a joke about such a serious subject, I'm very disappointed.

I'm actually extremely wonderful at cooking. I can cook up a wide range of dishes, arguably, much better than most professional chefs. They make interesting smells as well.

To give you some examples, I've cooked things like, resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits (some say, "I make the nicest chips"), and especially voltage regulators. True, they weren't suppose to be over-heated like that, but that can happen during circuit development/test/research.


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