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Rarebit (cheese beer toast sandwich)


So this forum might actually have good information on Rarebit, which seems to be a beer-cheese mixture.

I made a beer-cheese using about 120mL of guiness left over after marinating a bunch of steaks, few tablespoons of butter, too much flour, some salt, heavy cream, water and smoked gruyere cheese with a little bit of left over provolone mozzarella pizza cheese.

The resulting mixture is a little stringy (I am rusty on rue sauce things, I usually don't make it because I was being too cheap to buy cream), but anyway, its pretty good. I see I can possibly use it to make a rarebit sandwich/meal.

What are some recommendations ? Do australians eat this one, it seems to be popular on the left side of europe.

I tried the dip I made just smeared on some flat 'pizza style' bread (not for pizza, its like a sandwich bread inspired by detroit pizza or something), and its pretty good. I thought it would be good if you put fried dried onions on top in an attempt to make it crispy (the ones sold like croutons for salads), but it is actually a little too bitter. I did not try to toast it yet, suggestions welcome

soy sauce and mustard takes some of the bitterness away, but I am  not sure I like it more then the plain version, which has a more unique taste, almost feel like its unnecessary. Maybe 1/2 tsp of each for 150ml of beer, it starts to taste like any old cheese spread when the soy sauce and mustard.


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