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Recipe: Beans and Cream-Chicken on Rice

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Another easy, cheap, quick and tasty one. Probably also a bit of a classic german one, at least I know it since I was a child.

You need:
- 1 Pack of Beans, preferably Phaseolus vulgaris as that is what we in germany usually call "Bean".
- Rice of your Choice
- 1 Pack chicken boobs or already pre cut into strips
- 1 Pack (200 ml) heavy cream
- 1 Onion, large (European large, not US large, which would be like five EU large)
- a splash of white wine
- A stock cube

- Start cooking your rice the way you like it.
- Dice onions, cut chicken boobs into strips if not already done
- Toss that in a greased pan and brown a bit
- Meanwhile cut beans into roughly the same size as the chicken strips. One could call that "bite sized". If your beans are older its suggested to cut them not in 90 degrees but in a shallow 20 to 30 degrees to have shorter fibers.
- Add a bit of water to a pot, add half of the stock cube and a spoon full of savory. Add beans and cover with a lid. Toss around and let it steam until the beans are tender.
- While that is happening your chicken should now be already brown. Black is not prefered, so stop early.
- Add a goooood splash of white wine to the pan and deglaze the bottom.
- When the alcohol is evaporated add the other half of the stock cube, the cream and some spices of your liking. I prefer to add a bit of ground mushrooms, thyme and of course salt and pepper. let it bubble a bit until it has a consistency you like.
- Your rice should be done now as well, so serve and enjoy.

If your leftovers disappear over night, I know nothing about it.

Which leftovers?

Exactly! I ate them all, muah ha ha ha!

Damn' it! :D


Nah, no problem, I always have more beans at hand :)


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