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Recipe: Cabbage..... stuff. Looks ugly, is cheap, fast and tastes great.

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So this is a short one. It looks ugly, but its rather healthy, very cheap, fast to do (~15 min) and tastes great. And it can be modified basically every way you like.

1 Cabbage of your choice. Or two. Doesn't realy matter.
1 Pack of diced bacon (or dice/cut yourself. Or leave out if you want it without meat)
1 Pack of Shrooms of your choice. I chose champignon. roughly 400g.
1 Onion.

- Cut Onions into small cubes.
- Brown onions in a pan or wok on medium to high heat.
- Add Bacon, if available, and fry to the desired taste
- Add Shrooms, cut to bite sized slices, and brown those as well.
- Add the cabbage, fry for a second, reduce the heat to medium low.
- Add a goood splash of soy sauce or any savory sauce you like (the one whose name noone can pronounce correctly works great, as does fish sauce)
- let that simmer for roughly 7 minutes or until the cabbage has softened a bit
- season to taste with salt and pepper

Done :)

Cabbage, bacon, mushrooms, sold! Thanks for this one  :-+

Ah yes, I'm not the only one in the habit of "toss some shit into the pan and fry it" meals. :)

Variations: potato (fine dice, ~hashbrowns -- like the canned style, not the shredded and deep fried kind, but that too), bell (or other) pepper is good, maybe carrot, bacon or other fatty meat of course welcome when handy (and you're into that sort of thing), etc.  Two eggs on top (stirred in, fried, or scrambled) also good...

Not really much of an accident, as at a high enough level of generalization you can describe any stir-fried dish this way; most stir-frys, curries, etc. fit the bill, given a sauce (broth, soy sauce, starch to thicken; spices and coconut milk; etc.) :)  Serve over pasta or rice (or add lentils or other proteins or grains) for added bulk. :-+


Nice to know that you like it :D
As a side note: I can highly suggest adding some of Halcyon's turtoise powder he suggested for this dish - that works very well on there.

I'll see if I can make it without the mushrooms.

What if I use pickled onions would be worth trying?


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