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rehydrating a freeze dried cheesecake?


I got freeze dried cheese cake slices, out of curiosity, and I just can't seem to figure out how to re hydrate them.

The instructions on the bag say to dunk in water for 1 minute, then leave out for 10 minutes and its ready. I guess its ready if you want a large cross section cracker coated with 1mm of mushy cheesecake material.

I tried a 2 min dip followed by wrapping in wet paper towel for 1 hour in a tupperware sitting in a little bit of water upside down so the cracker part does not get especially soggy (it was better but its a fail), and I also tried a 1 hour dip, that resulted in more material being rehydrated but the structural integrity of the cheesecake failed.

I mean you can crush it up into some kind of a pudding, but what is the way to restore this? I thought to try the paper towel method overnight, or maybe I thought that you need hot water (even though it says cold water) or some kind of alternate rehydrating material that rehydrates better (wine? I thought the surface tension might be lower bc of the alcohol)

I assume its just blatant lying on the packaging and you need like 12hrs to rehydrate one of these ? Tired of ruining cheese cake because I think you can better make use of it as some kind of additive to make some kinda pudding or whatever, would like to make some kind of proper culinary use of the last 4 slices I have.

vacuum seal with a little water in a bag and it rehydrates in 1 minute

I never even knew such a thing existed. There you go.

Was that a ready-made cheese cake slice? Which brand?

I think they are all the same

It's not as good as real cheese cake from the store, or better yet a home made one, but its impressive for something so lifeless and dead. It has a little bit of a ever so slightly picant taste that develops, or something like that. Hardly noticable, I kind of thought maybe using milk to rehydrate it would help, but I am out. I would say its like 85% of the way there.

Also if you make it, after you rehydrate it, refrigerate it for a while IMO


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