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So I wonder what kind of interesting salad dressing recipies people came up with. I figure this will be mainly a thread about blenders/food wands

The basic go-to for me is to use a 1/3 balsamic - 2/3 mixture of olive oil with a spoon of mustard in it, blended with a food wand.

The other great one is to use 1/3 lemon juice (squeeze and drained through a sieve) and 2/3 oil, blended with a spoon of mustard.

The usual modifications I make is addition of salt/pepper, change vinegar type (rice, wine, apple cider) and change mustard type (honey mustard, dijon, french, spicy).

But I know there are many more advanced dressings that I should be making.. I was hoping this thread would fill in some holes.

Does anyone use blended vegetables to make salad dressings? I.e. green peppers. I was hoping for some more advanced recopies that maybe use vegetables, pastes, seeds, etc. I figure at a glance maybe herb pastes (cilantro, basil, etc) could be used as a substitute for mustard as a emulsifier. Or maybe stuff like roasted garlic, etc.

I will write though that just a lemon/mustard/oil dressing is very 'refreshing' compared to vinegar based ones. I think its hard to do this because half the time I end up with some thing that tastes like salsa lol

I would also like to know about the chemical cooking aspects of making dressings, since acid and vegetables are mixed, they should to a degree 'cook' the food.

One of mine is quite simple. People appreciate it a lot. I make this dressing with  sour yogurt, black pepper power, cumin powder and salt.Basil or cilantro adds extra taste to the recipe.This dressing is best for a salad called 'Raita'. I like 'onion raita' the best. But the same dressing goes well with a mixed salad of cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes etc. But of course, heart of this dish is onion.

do you use fresh basil/cilantro on these recipes? I find the taste difference is radical between the fresh and dried. I imagine with a yogurt you need fresh? With oil dried almost makes sense. I should buy some cumin seed now that I have a spice grinder, get away from some of the pre-powdered stuff (cinnamon freshly powdered feels much more aromatic for waffles).

I've made a similar dressing that also had anchovies in it. Anchovies are a vegetable, right?




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