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Scottish beef mince and onion "pie"


Full disclosure, I more-or-less followed the recipe by the wee lass from What's For Tea? on Youtube.

I wanted to start with a baseline, but I'll be adding to it in subsequent versions. I think some fresh chilli, finely chopped would go well in this!

Super simple recipe with very few ingredients. I went with her suggestion of using a shortcrust base with a puff pastry top. Very nice. The only thing I added was a good crack of black pepper just before spreading the beef.

Recipe video:

This is how mine turned out:

It looks delicious with that golden crust. We usually fill them with beef ragout leftovers, but that recipe seems quite tasty while being easier to make

this looks like a European enchilada, they use ground beef with onion only for a filling, at least if you follow the recommended recipe on some boxes. imo the best kind is canned sauce with pan fried ground beef and onion

for people scared of meat and pastery, this might be a good one to try (other then jamacian patties), onion and meat mix is very tasty. i would not be surprised this would make a good enchilada if you added the sauce and some cheddar on top lol

the only concern that might effect quality is the onion, if you over cook it you get a french onion soup taste, if you cook it less its more oniony

I am not sure if a sweeter onion is better or worse for this dish. For a enchillada beef onion I would try to make it as non sweet as possible, but with this pastry, I am thinking.. could this recipe be improved by using heavily cooked sweet onion cook down ( french onion soup base).. I feel like sweet might be good for the pastry chosen in the video?

I always wanted to use that premade thin pastry dough stuff more often, I know it can make some really great advanced meals.. doing those DIY can finance some new RF equipment .. some standard uses of precooked frozen onion preps might add some interesting powers to the kitchen

It is actually a decent video and after watching it I do feel like I could give it a try. I really did not like the use of bouillon cubes though.

I think if I were to try it, I might like to try using a "sloppy Joe" beef filling - somebody must have done that somewhere.


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