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Spuds old school


5+kg of clean/washed or peeled to suit taste for gatherings as a tasty appetizer or supplement to the main meal.
Best peeled and diced to ~30mm3 then kept submerged in water but drained just before cooking .

Process and equipment
Med-large LPG bottle
Med-large 3-4 burner gas ring
Large cooking pot
20L Canola oil or beef dripping
Metal colander.

Bring oil to temp which is judged by significant bubbling of a potato when placed in the oil.
Carefully lower 2-3 kg of potatoes into oil taking care not to splash hot oil on yourself...it hurts....don't ask !
Stir very occasionally to prevent sticking then after ~15-20mins when all spuds start floating remove onto paper towels and salt generously.
Serve as appetizers with a paper towel to prevent burnt fingers.

A properly polished process with a sufficiently large pot and gas ring can cook and serve ~20kg/hr.


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