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Starting a garden, what should I grow? (Favorite seeds, etc?)(

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--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on April 18, 2022, 11:21:33 pm ---I'm sure that would be fantastic on a farm, but perhaps just a little over the top for a vegetable patch :)

--- End quote ---

It would but I am trying to think of ways farmers can grow food crops in high tech ways so they can get other jobs..too.

All kinds of companies are trying to figure out ways to get them dependent on them. To grow food. And get a cut. Not good.

If you're in the UK, I suggest you get your seeds here: https://realseeds.co.uk

They have no weird hybrids so you can actually collect the seeds and not get mutant plants afterwards. The "telephone peas" are pretty amazing. I mostly do tomatoes, herbs and peas and that's about it these days. Don't have the time, space or energy for anything else.

Also don't do it to save money - it's more expensive than buying stuff  :-DD


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