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steam oven recpies?


I have a little phillips steam oven. It has a little container of water and a pump that squirts water into the oven once in a while to increase the thermal transfer. I only really used it to cook vegetables (its good for corn and old pizza).

I actually prefer it to the BBQ or oven or pot of water for corn, its less work.

Does anyone use this technology for unique ends? I heard its the right machine to cook a turkey part quickly.

Been meaning to get more utility from this machine.

Wallace Gasiewicz:
Our Crock Pot Recipe for turkey might work just fine:   
Turkey Breast   
One Can Cranberries, Whole     
One Package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix   

Dump the cranberries and then the dry soup mix on top of the turkey breast. 
Cook for however long to get over 160 F 

You can strain the juice for an au jus cranberry flavored sauce. 

Works every time..

hmm that sounds good so long at the end you scrape off the sauce to the side and throw it in the broiler for a bit after its done to brown the breast, or sear it before hand. Broiled cranberry sauce residue on the breast might be really good though

Wallace Gasiewicz:
Even in a crock pot the cranberry onion soup mixture does put a brown on the skin of the turkey breast. Looks nice.

you know if you put that on a roll with gouda cheese it will be amazing


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