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its dead quiet

experiments this year involve putting too much nutmeg on cubed yams to be baked with oil and sage. the coarse sage leaf is what you want, not too dry, gives it some character

cranberrys boiled with lots of white wine and lemon zest

otherwise I like my english chirstmas style turkey with butter and garlic under the ski. the higher quality french import butter, stuffed with as many apples and onions it can fit

Wallace Gasiewicz:
Yam Recipe: 
Canned Yams, either get rid of liquid or boil down liquid. 
Put in about a third of a can of frozen orange juice, do not reconstitute.  Add your preferred spice, like sage or whatever,
Add some honey about 2-3 oz. 
Put a few Tbl of brown sugar on top.   A orange slice for decoration. 
Warm up in oven


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