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Tomato soup and cheese toastie (Brian Lagerstrom)

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--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on January 17, 2022, 04:03:00 pm ---Might have to look into (ha ha) these toastie bag things. Can you get single-use ones? One of my bugbears is a bunch of vacpac bags on the draining board after being washed, and them still being in the way there days later because they take forever to dry. I just sling 'em in the bin when no-one's looking...

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They could be thrown out after use, I suppose, but I find they last quite a few round trips to the toaster.   Just shake the crumbs out, no real need to wash them or anything...  they are non-stick.   I store the used ones in a Ziploc along with the new ones.

I think the way they wrap the bread retains moisture while toasting, so you can get it nicely brown on the outside without drying out what is in the middle...  the results are comparable to a panini press or something like that, minus the size and cleanup of one of those!


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