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Tomato soup and cheese toastie (Brian Lagerstrom)

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Brian Lagerstrom is easily my favourite food Youtuber. The thing I love about him is that he is a proper chef who shares his little tips, but will teach you simple recipes (and variations thereof) which you can quite easily replicate at home without expensive gadgets or ingredients and the results are always phenomenal! I also love that he defaults to metric measurements (but provides US customary units if you really insist on using an obsolete system  :box:).

If there is one single recipe that I have tried recently that I'd pick as a good one to start with, it's this:

That tomato soup is absolutely amazing when oven roasted and the combination of dijon/mayonnaise/butter for the toasted sandwich is absolutely on-point. Honestly, give it a go, it will not disappoint!

I watched it all (including the embedded sponsor commercial) and was particularly interested because I had just made (and posted) a toasted cheese sandwich. My thoughts:

The guy obviously has skills which, unfortunately, appear to be compromised by a "I break all the rules" but that's what I do angle..

The tomato soup looked wonderful - from start to finish. I never even thought of the baking instead of pot style but I can see how that could be both a  taste and less-effort advantage - note also the tomato paste, which we discussed in one of these threads. I especially liked the olive oil instead of cream.

Sorry, I could not get past the American Cheese-like substance - and that's the kindest thing I can say about that.


--- Quote from: DrG on December 08, 2021, 03:36:30 pm ---Sorry, I could not get past the American Cheese-like substance - and that's the kindest thing I can say about that.

--- End quote ---

I don't either. Almost no one eats that stuff here. I swapped it out for some normal cheddar cheese, or even mozzarella would work well.

Gordon Bennett!

Decided to give this one a go, bearing in mind I only have a stick blender and no filter. Used chipotle chilli paste instead of the real thing, just cheddar between 'american' cheese, etc. Didn't even ask the missus what she thought because I couldn't care less - it was bloody excellent. And now I feel just like Mr Creosote.




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