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usb speed adjustable Milk Frother

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One was bought for my wife, not been used yet and attachment is firmly stuck, all web instructions say a sharp tug...

Now it is 1/2 off and sits at an angle and wont move in or out. Anyone played with one of these?
Or is it a lost cause and just return as is?

Photo would help enormously to understand the problem with this. Do you have any idea how many frothers there are out there and the various attachment means?

Hi it looks like this one


absolutely no other information available I tried google bing etc

They show two different fittings! Is it the thin one, which looks like the shaft has serrations? Either way, I am sure it should be a straight pull. First time or two they can be pretty hard to pull off, partly due to the user not sure how much effort is needed and partly because they are new and not yet worn in.

If it's at an angle and not more or less right off then it is probably jammed. Making it line up before attempting to pull straight off would be in order, but if it's new then a return to vendor would be a better solution.

It is supposed to be a straight pull, I did not fit it, but when tugging, it seemed to loose straightness, so I will be sending it back. There are 4 spines on the buried shaft at the end of the motor, and the attachments each have 4 slots to match. I am guessing now that the not large family member that fitted it did not line it up properly? there seems to be no lead in chamfer at the bottom of the attachments.


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