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what to blanche?


I got a 1 gallon thermos so I can prep ice water without over loading the refrigerator etc and do more blanching.

I noticed some interesting things
1) kale seems to taste very much like brocolli when blanched
2) stuff seems way more green after blanching
3) salad spinner is important
4) time is important, you need to clock it and 2 minutes is more then enough to make some things almost too soft after their fully baked (i.e. cauliflower)

I did run into some problems though ,like brussel sprouts. I think their flavor improved slightly after blanching but its hard to get the water out of them, even a hot roast left them looking more steamed then anything.

Xena E:
Broad/Fava beans are a favorite of mine, though not readily available around here even in season, so I grow my own.

Freezing is the way I preserve for use out of season. Freezing without blanching does seem to be possible without affecting the taste but I tend to do so as if not the beans tend to turn a rusty colour.

I've never had success with Freezing green beans whatever I do to them though.

Chinese broccoli (gai lan). Very good blanched and then throw in the wok with slurry of rice cooking wine, ginger, and a touch of corn starch.

Fran maybe?


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