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Where do you stand with heat (how hot is too hot)?

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--- Quote from: wizard69 on April 22, 2021, 04:10:55 am ---One thing you didn't want to do is get your fingers any where near your eyes, that would put a man down.

--- End quote ---
Sitting down to pee is also a recommended tactic if you've been handling chilli or chilli-laden food ;-)

Robert Smith Eco Warrior:
Last year I grew some Naga chilli's, Thai chillis, Ghost chilli's and a couple of others that didn't do so well.
The naga chilli are just silly hot. I am growing a few this year but I don't like handling them and their addition to food has to be fairly precise.
The Thai chillis are hot enough but much easier to handle and work with, partly because they are straight and not a weird wonky lump to try to cut up. They have plenty of heat but are easier to add to a meal and get the taste about right.
The ghost chilli's were somewhere in between but they didn't grow so well.

I can eat very, very spicy hot and it took years to get here, but I like it best where the taste of the pepper isn't destroyed by the power of the capsaicin..
But that really has to do with your level of heat tolerance. I backed down from higher levels because it kills the flavor of everything else.
I try to eat it everyday because the capsaicin is good for your joints.

For health I eat every day:
Olive Oil
Turmeric (this is the most important)


Sitting down to pee is also a recommended tactic if you've been handling chilli or chilli-laden food ;-)

Cannot be said enough.

Being a big fan of AUTHENTIC Chinese and Korean cooking, I like my food hot.  But I prefer dry, and flavorless heat.  I'm not a fan of Tabasco (too vinegary) and most of what's available at supermarket.  Degree of heat depends but hot enough to have a kick, and mild enough to still have the taste of ingredients come though.

Too hot is when my tongue starts to go numb and taste nothing, or when my stomach leaks, which ever comes first.


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