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Wireless meat temperature probes... that work in the oven?

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Some while back I splashed on a ThermoPro TPO7 from Amazon. As you might notice, it comprises a sender unit and receiver (so you can monitor your whatever that's in the oven from out in the garden and similar). I like that the display is three colour: blue when it is under, green when it is within some figure (I think about 7C) from liftoff, and red when it's reached the programmed temperature.

I am currently using it to monitor sugar temperatures and actually have the sender and receiver next to each other (since I am stirring the stuff). Sender would be fine on its own, but the receiver has all the clever bits in.

In late November, I purchased another version of wireless thermometer labeled Namon (attached) for about $67 including a $20 coupon.  I had planned on using it before New Years, but bad weather changed family visits, and my use was delayed.  I was not impressed.  It did provide wireless monitoring in theory but not much else useful.  Its update time is rather slow.  I assume that is to preserve battery life in the probe.  I did not actually test it with meat in the oven.  The LCD screen was defective, and it has been returned.

I reverted to my DIY TC-based smart thermometer, and it ran parallel with a much older Fluke TC gauge for New Years.
1) The wires are a little inconvenient but then the probe doesn't need to be recharged.
2) The two recorded temperatures were comparable.
2) My DIY effort is still in development.  Currently, it gives a predicted "done" time for beef based on the observed temperature profile.

If you're in the market for such a thing, here's another example to consider:

It specifies temperature limits as follows:

--- Quote ---Upper half temperature limits: -20°C to 300°C
Lower half temperature limits: -20°C to 100°C

--- End quote ---

Clearly there is some good thermal engineering going on (or at least, one hopes so).

Here's my favorite online calculator:
It's been up for several years.

Attached is my current effort with last year's roast.  Not quite done with code, but everything fits in the little box with a lithium battery.  LCD backlight turns off automatically and can be manually turned off (2nd button on left) to the save the battery.  It's a transflective version and can be easily read with the BL off.  I don't spend a lot of time one it, but it's fun to play with.


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