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Wireless meat temperature probes... that work in the oven?

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Halcyon: have a few different meat probes that apparently work in BBQ's, ovens, smokers, grills, etc....

They obviously need a source of power to transmit data and come in different RF types, including Bluetooth and WiFi.

My question is, how the hell are these things working in such high ambient temperatures (up to 275°C)?

My guess is the way that probe they sent to Venus worked, for a while...

Seems one for the dogy section :)

But apart from the window most ovens have steel sides and are most likely grounded, so how good a reception of the signal will there be?

And indeed at high temperatures how is that working well with batteries?

The electronics and battery (or perhaps supercap) are on the sharp end, there's a safety notch beyond which it has to be inserted.

So as long as you don't forget to turn it off and burn the meat to a crisp, it survives just fine.

Lithium cells are available for a working temperature of 150°C (

The probe battery is stated to be 2.4V and 3mAh, which implies it may be lithium based and very small.


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