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Yet another chicken currish with a twist .
« on: March 08, 2022, 07:51:42 pm »
Hi all you hungry techs .
I Have to do all the cooking now my wife who is disabled and can only use a spoon to eat with.   Which did make it hard at
first . So I had to reinvent easy cooking that was not boring and did not look like Baby food . That she could eat by herself .

  First I never measure anything .
 ingredients :: for 3 people
Chicken fillets  about 4 or 5 .
Onion large
Garlic 1 Segment
 1 Apple
Olive oil
Carrot large or 2 small
Mushrooms 4 or 5 large or to taste
Bell pepper Red  or RGY
Zucchini   as per taste
Salt & Pepper
Curry powder
Sweet Paprika power 
Worcestershire Sauce
Red wine vinegar

 First chop or cube the chicken fillets and place in a mixing bowl .
 next peal the Apple and chop up into smallish chunks and Add to the  Bowl .
Now Add pepper & salt , Worcestershire Sauce good splashing ,  Red wine vinegar  about teaspoon ,
 Sprinkle  Sweet Paprika power  , Curry powder a good Sprinkle, or as much as you like .

 Now Mix every thing well so the Apple and everything is mixed . Do not mush the apple .

Chop all the Veg up . Slice the mushrooms , Dice the carrot , Slice the Bell Pepper , Dice the Zucchini ,

  Chop or slice the Onion and also the Garlic .

 Get a large Wok with a lid  .
Place on Gas with some Olive Oil Not too much just lightly cover the bottom of Pan.
 Heat until hot . Add Onion & Garlic  mix cook for about a minute  or 2.
Now Add your contents of the Bowl Chicken Mix . Cook for about 3 or 4 minuets until the chicken is yellowish white.
 keep stirring  .
Now Add All your chopped ,& Sliced Veg .  To The Wok mix gently until all is mixed and Hot about 2 or 3 minuets .

 Now Put the lid on and turn the Gas down low . So the Veg will sort of steam cook .
Leave for about 10 mins and give it another Mix . Gently . Adjust the temperature so its not boiling madly just a simmer .
Leave for about another 10 or 15 mins 
Don't over cook the veg the carrots should be soft but firm .

 When Finished can be served on Rice or with Noodle as I did .
 I boil My Noddle with Italian herbs & spices it adds more flavor and stops the noodles sticking .

  By now you should have found a plate & Fork .  :-+  :P :P :P

 PS I also do a great Beef thing as well with ...  mind blowing taste  . If you like this give it a  :-+ 
Happy Eating
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