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Title: [inventor] NAUVI - Voice Controlled Home Automation
Post by: ExecutiveCloser on January 16, 2014, 12:22:28 pm
**above picture is CAD rendering of projected final design. Kickstarter doesn't allow photorealistic renderings so I could not use this image.

Hi EEVers I heard about this forum from an online friend.

He said to post my Kickstarter information here and to share it with your group.

He said you would appreciate the project  :blah:

My Kickstarter is NAUVI, a voice controlled home automation system. It mixes virtual assistant with voice controlled home automation.

In addition to voice control, you can use cell phones, tablets, computers etc to control it.

Control is either locally or remotely through the cloud.

It uses 100% custom phrases entered by the user to control devices, set up interactions etc. You can also prompt the system to ask you questions and then based on how you respond actions can take place. The easiest example to give is when you tell the system something like "good morning" it can then ask you if you want coffee. If you say "yes i want coffee" or whatever phrase(s) you wish to use then it will turn on the coffee maker for you.

It also gives you a lot more than that and I am here to answer questions for you if you have any.

A thing to mention however is that it currently works on Windows. Hopefully if this kickstarter works out I will be expanding it's usability.

Here is the link ---> (   

Thank You,
Joseph Sanchez
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