Author Topic: BI V2.0 - A dual-extrusion capable delta 3d printer by a reliable manufacturer  (Read 2691 times)

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I just jumped on the bandwagon for this one, it seems like a really nice project, and I'd love to see them get as much funding as possible. :D

At first glance, it's "just another" delta robot 3d printer. The reasons I went with this one instead of others are:
  • It's an established 3d printer company, and this is the improved version of their RepRap Rostock-based v1.0 delta printer.
  • The v1.0 printer was getting pretty good reviews all over the net.
  • It's not a kit! It ships partially assembled, and just needs to be assembled and plugged together IKEA-style.
  • ...and the deciding factor: it supports dual extrusion!

Plus, its price is affordable by all comparisons. :D

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