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Good afternoon everyone!

My names Craig Hemingway and I'm a developer at ILSoft ltd in the UK.

Basically we have developed a Colour OLED Breakout Board that has alot of easy to use functionality that is perfect whether you're an electronics novice or a season veteran.

We're raising funding through Kickstarter so if you want to move away from the clunky text LCDs and move onto more modern ventures at an affordable price take a look at our Kickstarter project below!

Your pledges help us to manufacturer these at an affordable price for both us and you so you're no longer paying ridiculous prices for out of date technology.

All your support helps make this project a reality and thank you very much for your time.


Not only that, but you can get all sorts of much larger color TFT LCDs, with a touch panel, on ebay, for much less.

Decent idea, but I don't see where it's new, innovative, or different...

Looks good to me! Yes, not terribly innovative or new, but £20 for a colour OLED module is still a very decent price, and I'd much rather buy from a local (very local for me in fact) supplier than buy from halfway around the world.

My immediate reaction was "hey, awesome. a local (as in, in the same country for a change) made device for a reasonable price"

Can't really fault it, despite it not being totally unique.

Wonder what the maximum rate you could get over I2C.

They have a production ready prototype.
They've shown evidence of it working.
It fills a niche.

I personally don't need one, but it looks good! £20 is a nice price for a hobbyist level thing, though I wonder if production costs may get in the way there. I know from experience even a small board made in the UK costs a minimum of £5~£8, if you don't go to stupidly high quantities like the Raspberry Pi. So will it be UK made? Would be hard to do that at the price they're selling them at..


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