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Kickstarter should add a link to projects which are discussed here, but I guess that's not gonna happen, because the more people pay, the more money for Kickstarter. At least looks like they get what is promised in the description and some Arduino-hobbyists, who don't know the good stuff, might be happy with it :-DMM

It's a fun/interesting device with limited use in the real world, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it useless.

[Interesting footnote, Steve Wozniak of Apple fame backed the original smaller version, the XProtoLab]

I got an Xprotolab, it's a neat toy and always brought a few ohh's and ahh's when I show it to colleges as a demonstration of what MCU's these days are capable of. The hardware is actually useful beyond the original use. You got a dev board with the ADC and DAC front end sorted out for you, plus the buttons and OLED display.

I'm just jumping in to mention that despite the 200kHz bandwidth of the scope, the device is not just a scope.
It also has an AWG, a Protocol Sniffer (SPI, I2C, UART), and Frequency Counter.

The sniffer and frequency counter are done using the digital inputs, so they are not limited to the 200kHz bandwidth of the analog inputs.

I don't want to talk too much about my own project :blah:, but I'll be happy to answer any question.


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