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This Kickstarter project is basically a blue laser dot projector to create some 'ambiance' for a room.  I've had some bad luck with my crowd funding this far but this project is looking pretty promising to me so far.  I have been getting a lot of updates on progress including pictures of actual physical things.  I'm pretty optimistic that this project will pull through and it looks cool. I thought I'd share this as an example of a project that I've been impressed by in contrast to my other experiences... Anyone else kickstarting this one?

I'm a backer on this one too (was in the original ~100 or so). I have very little doubt that this one will fail to deliver. It will probably deliver on-time too (or perhaps slightly late).

IMO the project creator is bat-shit crazy though. Clearly very smart guy but reading his comments and updates is something like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Good thing he enlisted his brother and wife to help him with posting updates and answering questions.

wait, is it fixed dot pattern or full blown mini X-Y laser effect?

For the lazy readers, this is the link:

It looks kind of cool as a party light or something, but I can't see this being used as a primary light source. In the short introduction clip it still looks very dark with the "firefly" turned on and it just doesn't look pleasant as everyday lighting...

The images and videos are terrible because most video equipment cannot handle coherent laser illumination properly. The images always come out very dark.

The device itself uses a diffraction grating to disperse a single beam into a grid pattern (within a forward-facing cone).

The basic concept is that the individual diffracted beams do not illuminate the location of the device itself... but when they reach a distant surface (like the wall or ceiling), they reflect and disperse at that location - essentially producing hundreds of small point light sources that illuminate the room *from* that surface.

By lighting a space in that way, you minimize shadows (a wall of point light sources is essentially a diffuse light source that casts minimal shadows). It also consumes very low amounts of power to produce equivalent amounts of illumination.

The project launcher has already created the same device using a green laser (you can buy it on Amazon). The green laser uses a crystal with a low lifespan and is not a very pleasant color (strains the eyes). The blue laser is supposed to be entirely new technology, that does not use a crystal, and produces a wavelength of blue laser light that stresses the eyes much less.

The lense options that add shapes (stars, hearts, etc) are just custom diffraction lenses. There is no beam control to "draw" shapes like what you would see in an entertainment laser display.


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