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A few noteworthy Kickstarter projects


I have no direct connection with any of these:

ExtraBee Open-Source Radio Module
(basically a lower cost X-Bee Pro long range RF module with open source firmware)

Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible)

Sparki - The Easy Robot for Everyone!
(Very large number of sensors on a very reasonably priced, very flexible, fully assembled robot)

I ordered the Hexy the Hexapod robot (previous kit from the people now putting out Sparki ) and mine had serious Q&A problems with the plexy cutting and the used servor's are no way up to the task.
I'm not saying Hexy the Hexapod is a rippoff (price was okay for the amount of hardware) , but it was seriously underengineered and "beta" when put in production.
I'm hoping they do a far better job with that Sparki ...


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